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Seminaire Promita Chakraborty - IBPC, Paris

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Seminaire Promita Chakraborty - IBPC, Paris Empty Seminaire Promita Chakraborty - IBPC, Paris

Message par joyeux_lapin13 le Lun 16 Mar 2015 - 7:59

Chers Collegues,

Le vendredi 27 mars a 11h00 se tiendra un seminaire autour de la nouvelle
generation de modeles moleculaires [1,2], a l'IBPC.

« Physical Biomodeling and Peppytide Models for Protein Folding »

/Physical Biomodeling/is a new field of study to conceptualize a vision
of a CAD-cum-biocomputation-cum-3Dprinting platforms for bringing
nano-scalefunctions and dynamics of biosystems to be manipulated by
hand-held models without compromising on accuracy of scale or function.
These guiding principles have been incorporated in a prototype of
polypeptide chain for protein folding, called /Peppytide/, that not only
serves as a proof-of-concept, but also is the first of its kind to
explore protein folding.

/Peppytide/is a 3D-printed coarse-grained model of polypeptide chain
where the characteristics of polypeptides have been successfully
captured and encapsulated through use of parameters like size of atoms,
long-range and short-range interactions. The unique thing about this
model is that it is foldable by hand into various secondary and tertiary
structures of proteins with precision, and hence the first of its kind.
The fact that one can then take a measuring scale and accurately
quantify the molecule's various dimensions at its folded capacity, makes
it a useful tool for drug designers and other structural biology
researchers, as well as for teachers and students in classrooms.
Peppytide is the first but crucial step towards a
computationally-augmented model.

/Physical Biomodeling/is an unexplored area of study at the intersection
of natural science, computational science and precision physical models.
While tremendous advances have been made in computational biology, the
cutting-edge 3D printing provides unprecedented opportunities for a
third angle into the landscape, thus uncovering this new computational
space for modeling that has remained unexplored so far. /Physical
Biomodeling /principles tie together these concepts of form-specific
physical-digital interfaces for a seamless design-centric transition
from X-ray crystallography type data to CAD-based models to 3D-prints.

This CAD-cum-biocomputation-cum-3Dprinting platform is a futuristic
framework to build precise, hand-manipulated systems for biology to take
advantage of the advances in biocomputation tools, molecular
visualization tools, augmented and virtual reality methods and other 3D
immersive techniques. Such blending of methods with interactive physical
models might influence scientific modeling in future, the way
computational modeling influenced discoveries in science for the past
few decades.

Le seminaire aura lieu dans la
Bibliotheque, rez-de-chaussee, IBPC (apres l'accueil a gauche)

 Marc Baaden et Nicolas Ferey


Dr. Marc Baaden  - Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique, Paris      -
FAX: +33 15841 5026  -  Tel: +33 15841 5176  ou  +33 609 843217

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