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[Institut Pasteur] [C3BI Bioinformatics Seminars]

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[Institut Pasteur] [C3BI Bioinformatics Seminars]  Empty [Institut Pasteur] [C3BI Bioinformatics Seminars]

Message par joyeux_lapin13 le Lun 16 Mar 2015 - 7:47

Dear All,

C3BI center is setting up periodical seminars related to bioinformatic,
biostatistics and integrative biology.

You are invited to our next meeting, the speaker will be Benno
Schwikowski, Head of Systems Biology Lab in Institut Pasteur.

This will happen on Thurday 26th at 2PM in the RETROVIRUS room in the
André LWOFF building on the 28th side of the Institut Pasteur.

TITLE: Network-based analysis of large-scale datasets

The ongoing development of molecular measurement technology allow us to
observe cellular systems at an increasing number of levels and in
increasing detail, which can then be integrated to form models to
identify those observations that contribute to cellular or organismal
phenotype. Our laboratory researches principles, and develops
methodology and tools for computational elements of the measurement
technology, as well as the integration of various observations, in the
context of infectious disease and immunity.
One important ingredient for the integration of various observations are
functional molecular interaction networks, such as STRING, which can be
understood as noisy, but increasingly complete blueprints of the
cellular machinery. The integration of such networks with functional
'omics data (such as genotypes or transcriptomes) enables the detection
of true 'hot spots' in the cellular machinery that would go unnoticed in
non-network-based analyses. In my talk, I will discuss approaches and
tools we are developing around network-based integration, along with
their statistical and algorithmic bases, and the computational challenges.

The person interested to come should answer to this email with your
name, for the front desk listing.

Best regards,

Olivia Doppelt-Azeroual, PhD
Tel: 92 15
CIB - *C3BI* - Institut Pasteur

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