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Workshop: The fifth DNA metabarcoding Spring School Vote_lcapWorkshop: The fifth DNA metabarcoding Spring School Voting_barWorkshop: The fifth DNA metabarcoding Spring School Vote_rcap 
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Workshop: The fifth DNA metabarcoding Spring School Vote_lcapWorkshop: The fifth DNA metabarcoding Spring School Voting_barWorkshop: The fifth DNA metabarcoding Spring School Vote_rcap 

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Workshop: The fifth DNA metabarcoding Spring School

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Workshop: The fifth DNA metabarcoding Spring School Empty Workshop: The fifth DNA metabarcoding Spring School

Message par joyeux_lapin13 Jeu 5 Mar 2015 - 4:56

Dear Colleagues,

We are please to announce that this year the fifth DNA Metabarcoding Spring School will held in Bialowieza (Poland) and will be organized in collaboration with Rafal Kowalczyk and Jan Wójcik from the Bialowieza Mammal research institute.

Please take care than this year the registration period is really short and will end by April the 15th, 2015.

Best regards

Eric Coissac

Eric Coissac
Maitre de Conférences de l'Université Joseph Fourier
Laboratoire d'Ecologie Alpine UMR CNRS-UJF 5553 / UMR CNRS 5553
Université J. Fourier
Domaine de Saint Martin d'Hères
2233, rue de la piscine Bât. D Biologgie
BP 53, 38041 Grenoble Cedex 9

The fifth DNA metabarcoding Spring School at Białowieża

DNA metabarcoding is a rapidly evolving method for assessing biodiversity from environmental DNA. It has a wide range of applications: biodiversity monitoring, animal diet assessment, reconstruction of paleo communities, among others. DNA metabarcoding relies on molecular techniques such as PCR and next generation sequencing, and requires bioinformatics and biostatistics competence to analyze sequencing results. This approach integrates several scientific areas and requires a broad range of skills, in addition to the classical ecological knowledge related to the considered research topic.

The DNA metabarcoding spring school is now in its fifth edition and this year it is co-organized by the team and the Mammal Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences in Białowieża, Poland.

The DNA metabarcoding spring school will hold from the 1st to 5th of June 2015.

Participants can register for the school (24 places) by sending an email to the following address :

The email must contain a brief curriculum vitae and a letter of motivation indicating how your researches are related to DNA metabarcoding and what you are hoping from this school. As part of the course program, each participant is required to give a flash talk (5 minutes) about its research and how it is related to DNA metabarcoding.

Registration deadline is 15 April 2015

Main lecturers

• Marta de Barba (LECA, CNRS, France)
• Aurélie Bonin (LECA, CNRS, France)
• Frédéric Boyer (LECA, CNRS, France)
• Antony Chariton (CSIRO, Australia)
• Eric Coissac (LECA, CNRS, France)
• Håvard Kauserud (University of Oslo, Norway)
• Dorota Porazinska (University of Florida, USA)
• Pierre Taberlet (LECA, France)
• Lucie Zinger (EDB, CNRS, France)

Course Schedule

The school will consist of a series of lectures and practicals introducing different aspects of DNA metabarcoding. Bioinformatics practicals will introduce data analysis from raw sequences to basic ecological conclusions. Molecular ecology practical will present basic technics for DNA extraction in field condition and DNA amplification by PCR.
More details are available on the following web page

Travel and accommodation

To join Białowieża, the easiest way is to reach Warsaw airport. According to the number of participant, we will propose to you the most convenient solution to travel from Warsaw to Białowieża the Sunday 31h of March afternoon.

Accommodation will be provided in double bedrooms at the guesthouse located in the park close to the place of the school. Meals will be served at the same place at the Parkowa restaurant.

Workshop Costs

There are no registration fees for the workshop. Participants will have to pay for their accommodation, meals and travel expenses. The cost for accommodation and meals for 6 days is estimated to 1500 PLN ( 360€).

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