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Postdoctoral position in Statistics/Bioinformatics

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Postdoctoral position in Statistics/Bioinformatics Empty Postdoctoral position in Statistics/Bioinformatics

Message par joyeux_lapin13 Jeu 6 Fév 2014 - 6:34

Type de poste:
Post-doc / IR
Durée du poste:
2 years
MIA 518 INRA lab located in AgroParisTech

Paris 5ème, 16 Rue Claude Bernard
Nom du contact:
Céline Levy-Leduc
Stéphane Robin
Email du contact:
Date de validité:
Me, 31/12/2014
Description du poste:

Hi-C couples chromosome conformation capture (3C) with deep sequencing to reveal regions of genomic DNA that are in close spatial proximity in the nucleus. HiC has emerged as a powerful technique to understand how the genome is packaged in cells resulting, e.g. in the control of gene expression. The goal of this postdoctoral fellowship will be to devise and also implement new statistical approaches which can deal with large scale data coming from HiC experiments. Then, the postdoctoral fellow will apply these methods to the data produced by different partners. All the developed methodologies should lead to the production of an R package which will be available to the scientific community.

This postdoctoral position is offered in the framework of the ABS4NGS ANR project which started at the end of 2012. The postdoctoral fellow will work in the MIA 518 INRA lab located in AgroParisTech which is a statistical group involved in bioinformatics application and which has already an experience in the processing of such data. The postdoctoral fellow will also have the opportunity to discuss and collaborate with the different partners of this project such as Institut Curie. The applicant should have a strong background in applied statistics and/or bioinformatics; typically a PhD in one of these fields. A strong experience in programing is also highly desirable.

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