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repeated mesaures

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repeated mesaures

Message par Mariem r le Dim 23 Mar 2014 - 0:15

Dear all,
I am performing now an experiment where I made 8 serial analyses in 2 groups. I would like to compare the results in the 2 groups. I heared about ANOVA repeated analyses in SPSS but I was not able to make the comparaison between the 2 groups. As far as I know, this test in SPSS allows you to make comparaison between different periods in the same group.
Can someone, please, help me to resolve this problem.

Mariem r

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Re: repeated mesaures

Message par c@ssoulet le Lun 24 Mar 2014 - 9:34

ANOVA repeated analyse allows to make this comparison, assuming you choose the right model and introduce the right variables in the right way.

You have to fit your model with the measured variable, a category variable (group variable) and a repeated - measures variable (the serial number of your analyse: the first one, the second one ... etc). Run the model and look at the category results if you want to assess an overall difference between groups , the repeated variable results if you want to assess the overal change between periods, or the interaction "category*repeated" result if you want to assess it (if you want to see if the change between periods is different within groups).


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